October 1, 2017

Wedding among wisteria

It’s not easy to organize a wedding. It’s a little bit like renovating a house for the first time, there are things you can’t be aware of until you experience them. Orienting yourself in an ocean of suppliers by evaluating whether the price differences have a justification linked to the reality of the service or product offered, or are the result of mere speculation, is an endeavour. In all this, there is another question: how do you organise a wedding that does not look like hundreds of others and that reflects who the spouses really are? Inspiration shootings have the power to suggest to spouses other ways to think about their wedding and, for the people involved in the work, to better express their taste and stylistic traits. This service, born from an all-female collaboration with Alessandra Mancini of Atelier events and the event manager Martinabì (Martina Gonzo), speaks of freshness, light and poetry. It is within this that we have tried to present an authentic beauty, not artificial, that found in spontaneity its strong point. The colours of nature that the estate gave us with the wisteria bloom suggested to us the design of this Inspiration shooting.