I have been in photography since I was 14 years old, and after all this time, my passion, my enthusiasm are more alive than ever. I studied photography at the European Institute of Design and I graduated in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome: to sum up I’ve been dealing with beauty, harmony, composition and light for more than thirty years. Photographing for me has never been simply something to do, but a way to relate to the reality that surrounds me, a lens through which to look at the world that never abandons me. I worked for a while in fashion, then I followed my passion for people and real stories, and show them through the filter of my creative vision their beauty and the richness of their unique features, because everyone has something interesting to tell.

In my free time I like cooking for friends: eating together with the people I love is one of the things that makes me feel best. I like travelling, detaching myself from the routine, whether on the couch in the company of a good book or on an airplane in the company of a suitcase. I love nature, my home is full of cactus, I relax by taking care of them, if I could, I would live in a greenhouse completely overrun with plants.



Those who know me know that I am cheerful and full of enthusiasm, with a great passion for visual arts. I have always been a regular visitor of exhibitions, I think that after love, there is nothing that nourishes the spirit like art. My encounter with photography was random but intense: I immediately became passionate about this medium that allowed me to impress in an image, the light, the composition, the atmospheres absorbed during my life. When I started working with Marcella, I immediately realized that what really interested me is the relationship that is established with the people you portray. In a world that runs fast and is distracting, stopping to observe someone through a camera, allows you to establish a more intimate contact and understanding and all this satisfies me more than anything else.

I like reading, listening to good music, but the thing that relaxes me the most is swimming: I like the noise of water, the rhythm and the concentration that swimming requires from me. I am keen on complicated things like quantum physics and even if I know that I will never understand it fully, I cannot help being fascinated about it.

Our Work

Photographing a unique moment as a wedding is a great responsibility, it can not be considered a job or a routine. Photographing a married couple is taking care of their emotions, their moments of deep intimacy.

We need sensitivity, empathy and the delicacy of understanding the thousand emotional variations that such a day generates. We strive to tell this special day with sincerity and spontaneity. We follow the newlyweds all day, from the preparation to the party, we try to do it discreetly, but our presence is attentive and constant. It is a container of emotions, details chosen with extreme care and entertainmet.

We are not only focused on institutional moments, we love the details, the small gestures that add meaning and make even more precious this unique day. We are aware that the idea of a wedding, compared to a few decades ago, has changed a lot. It is no longer a formal ceremony with relatives, but it has become a real party to share with friends.

For this reason we believe that the traditional album struggles to contain the richness of this day in a hundred shots of fine art photography. We try not to limit the story of a unique and unrepeatable day, because we know perfectly that the album is what remains in the hands of the spouses to witness the emotions of a life moment that will never come back, and to relive it every time that they browse through it.

We are aware that every person is different, every wedding is unique, there are no rules, you have to activate your sensibility, your instincts and follow the flow of events. We live in Rome, one of the most beautiful and contradictory cities in the world, but we willingly move to any destination you choose to celebrate your wedding.